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Welcome to Mr. Bertoletti's Science and Social Studies Class
Spirit Week Competition
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VIRUS BREAK INFO, PART 1: Contacting Mr. Bertoletti
VIRUS BREAK INFO, PART 3: Science At-Home Learning
VIRUS BREAK INFO, PART 4: Social Studies At-Home Learning
Chain of Events Test: Friday, Oct. 25
Springfield Payment
Atoms Test: Tuesday, Oct. 1
Atoms Poster: Due Tuesday, Oct. 1
Test: Forms of Government: Friday, Sep. 20
Poster: Forms of Government
What To Bring to Class Each Day:
What Days are Science? Social Studies?
Daily Procedures:
Current Unit (Science): Chemical Reactions
Previous Unit: Atoms Concepts
Previous Unit: Elements, Compounds, and Properties
Previous Unit (Social Studies): Forms of Government
Previous Science Unit: Claims, Evidence, and Reasoning