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Illinois has recently passed a law that legalized the use of Marijuana. Does this make using the drug safe?
Is alcohol considered a drug? How can alcohol harm the body?
Why do you think people say vaping is better than smoking?
Make a list of all the things you know about smoking and tobacco.
Who or what plays a role in the decisions you make? Explain. For example: if your family plays a big role in decision making, why is that?
Do you think it is easy to make decisions on your own or in groups? Explain
What are some things you would like to do to improve your self - image?
What are you good at? How does it feel to be good at something? Explain your response.
What are some risky behaviors that could happen when someone drinks alcohol?
What is the personal goal you would like to set for yourself? How will meeting this goal increase self image?
Create a list of all the decisions you have made today from the moment you woke up to sitting in health class. When you are done, take time to work on finishing your personal goal if you have not turned it in.
Have you ever set a goal for yourself that you have reached? If so what was it? If you did not reach your goal - what do you think happened?
What is second hand smoke? Is second hand smoke harmful to non-smokers?
Is alcohol a drug? How does alcohol affect the body?
Think about the personal goal you chose to work on - why is this goal important to you ?
How can you keep track of personal goals you set? Do you monitor progress and reward yourself once you make a step towards the goal?
Have you been pressured by someone recently to make a decision? If so - did you fall to pressure? Explain.
Turn to page 35 and work on the tobacco crossword puzzle
What is alcohol? Is alcohol a drug? Is alcohol a stimulant or depressant? How does it affect the body?
Now of days, you cannot smoke just anywhere. Where could you smoke back in the day that you can't smoke anymore?