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Is it a good thing to keep anger in, or should you let it out? Explain
What makes you angry? How do you act when this happens?
Listening to music is one way to cope with stress. What music do you like listening to when you feel stressed?
What does it mean to feel stressed or anxious about something? How do you handle these feelings?
Are there any advertisements that stick out to you? If so - what are they and why do you think you remember them so well?
Why is it important to make decisions on your own?
How does drug use relate to violence?
Think back to our class discussion in 6th grade - What are reasons for why teens would choose to use drugs? If this was not discussed in 6th grade, come up with some reasons for why a teenage would want to use drugs.
When looking at alcohol and tobacco techniques, what can you say to yourself to remind you that these ads aren't true. How can you resist the pressures of wanting to purchase the products in these ads?
What are some commercials that stick out to you? Do you remember what the commercial was advertising? Why did it stick out to you?
Take a look at the advertisement - what is the ad for? Does this ad make you feel more likely to want to buy the product in the ad?
Take the next 20 minutes of class to work/finish/turn in the Drug Abuse Letter Assignment. When finished, turn to page 17 of LST and read. Then work on situation 1.
Let us review from last class - how can drug use relate to violent behaviors?
Student Led Conference Slides
Work On Student Led Conference Slides / Review and edit if complete
When was the last time you had to make a decision with a group? Were you able to make the same decision? Describe the situation.
Work on the Letter to Future Child Assignment. Complete the graphic organizer google doc before starting
How could drug abuse affect someone socially with friends? What kind of impact would drug abuse have on family members?
Sarah's Inn Pre-Test - Go to the Sarah's Inn Page
Can stress ever affect us in a positive way? Explain
What is the difference between drug use and drug abuse?
Reflect on the LST Coping with Anger techniques we reviewed last class. Which technique do you think you would use and why?
What are some questions you could ask yourself when looking at advertisements to help you resist pressures of buying a product or service.
What type of music do you listen to when you are stressed? Why do you choose that type of music or that specific song to listen to?
Go to the Sarah's Inn Page - please take the Sarah's Inn Post -Test. When you click on the link, enter my last name "Sabatino"
No Journal - Work Time
When you become anxious in a stressful situation, how do you handle yourself? What do you do to calm yourself down?
What makes you angry? How do you react when you get mad??
Listening to calming music or music without words is the best type of music to hear when stressed. If you had to choose something other than, what song would that be and why?